Currently, SecureSafe Asset Protection Units are securing the following items and products from theft: 

  • Electronic devices such as Computers, Lap Tops, and Tablets
  • Digital Cameras
  • Go Pro Cameras
  • Cell Phones
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Cosmetics
  • Cigarette and Tobacco products
  • Fishing poles and reels
  • Tools
  • Aerosols and paints

SecureSafe Products are currently used in hundreds of large retail facilities throughout the Southwest protecting millions of dollars of merchandise inventory.


Our customers present the space and merchandise and SecureSafe works towards a solution. All of our encasement units are custom measured and installed on existing display shelves or units. SecureSafe customers never feel beholden to a prefabricated case or shelf.


Generally, from the initial consultation, a SecureSafe solution is actively protecting merchandise from theft within 3 to 4 weeks with a custom, planned solution.


Theft levels will vary by location and product but generally, merchandise protected by SecureSafe will see dramatic reductions in theft immediately. It is not uncommon for SecureSafe customers to see shrink decline by 80 to 90 percent after investing in our products. *Moreover, anectodal customer insight suggests that real investment returns exeeding 10 to 15 times investment cost is not unrealistic with a custom, planned solution. 


Customers receive the attention of the SecureSafe asset protection team. Our highly qualified and skilled designers, manufacturers, and installation team work in concert to create a unique experience when guarding against theft and inventory shrink.

What we do

The SecureSafe line of products are custom manufactured asset protection cases specifically engineered and constructed with our customers marketing and display in mind

From the moment a customer contacts SecureSafe, the asset protection team is fully engaged with evolving long-term value added solutions.

Typically, merchandisers struggle with the overload of pre-manufactured assortments of foreign made display cabinetry and cases. Long lead times, inadequate designs and shapes, and inferior quality plague decision making and complicate solutions. SecureSafe, and its innovative approach to asset protection, completely changes the dynamics and returns control to the customer.

From the moment of initial consultation, SecureSafe customers receive the dedicated attention of our proprietary concepts, designs, and attention. No project is ever the same and each customer looks for variations that best suit their marketing approach to a full myriad of products. Whether protecting high-end electronic devices and personal computers or small, individually packaged cosmetics, SecureSafe can manufacture and install aesthetically pleasing containment units that not only protect but also accentuate visual display.

Who We Serve

The SecureSafe brand is the culmination of decades working with leaders in the grocery and retail industry

Product theft is always on the mind of the merchandiser presenting their offering to the general public. Therefore, the concepts, products, and solutions offered by SecureSafe are transferable to any business that demands a secure environment for its assets. Using the amazingly versatile medium of virtually indestructible plastics, and high tech resins, solutions are limitless when working with our Asset Protection Team.